1. Objectives Of The Club
  2. Organization Of The Club
  3. Organization Of Scheduled Walks
  4. Walk Requirements
  5. Equipment
    1. The equipment required on any walk will depend on the nature and duration of the walk, the season and the type of country, i.e. alpine, lower country, whether dry or wet.
    2. In all cases, a change of spare clothing should be carried in the vehicle for use, if required at the end of the walk.
    3. Day Walks - BASIC requirements at all times are:
      • Footwear - walking boots, good quality shoes or sneakers, in some cases, high tech sandals such as Tevas may be acceptable.
      • Clothing - shorts or long trousers, shirt suitable for sun protection, pullover or fleece and a good quality rain coat.  (It has been an original Club rule that a raincoat is carried on all Club walks.)
      • Food and liquid - for a day's walk (recommend at least 1 litre).
      • A personal first aid kit and a whistle.
    4. Day Walks In Winter - EXTRA requirements:
      • Footwear - good quality water resistant boots.
      • Clothing - most hi-tech thermal type garments, thermal under garments (where appropriate), beanie, balaclava and gloves.
    5. Day Walks In Summer - EXTRA requirements:
      • Footwear - same as for general day walks.
      • Clothing - Light weight garments (exceptions may be made if heading to alpine areas), long sleeved shirt for sun protection, broad brimmed hat, sunhat, sunglasses, sun screen and insect repellant.
      • Extra liquids
    6. Overnight Or Extended Pack Camps - EXTRA to day walk requirements:
      • Tent (may be shared), sleeping bag, sleeping mat or mattress.
      • Extra change of clothing.
      • Cooking equipment (check for fuel stove only requirements).
      • Food - enough for each walk day and include some emergency rations.
      • Additional water for drinking and cooking.
      • Toiletries and a reliable torch or headlamp.
    7. Overnight Or Extended Camp At Cars (Base Camp)
      • In addition to overnight pack camp requirements, any luxury your car can carry may be brought. E.g. large tents, folding tables and chairs, stretchers, air beds, gas or electric lamps, gas stoves and a much broader range of foods.
  6. Walk Leaders
  7. Safe And Enjoyable Bushwalking

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