1. Objectives Of The Club
  2. Organization Of The Club
  3. Organization Of Scheduled Walks
      1. Walks are not strictly regimented, but a leader will be responsible for the organization of the walk and he or she is considered the Club representative for the day.
      2. The Leader will have the authority to request any walker to not take part in the walk if there is reason to believe that the walker is physically unable to safely complete or if that walker is inadequately equipped for the proposed walk or trip.
      3. All new walkers and visitors on their first walks (up to three) with the Club will need to complete an Acknowledgement of Risks and Obligations by Non-Members form before commencing their first walk.
      4. All persons participating in all walks and activities do so at their own risk, and parents and guardians who bring children on walks / activities are totally responsible for the safe custody and behaviour of those children.
      5. Children (under eighteen years of age) are welcome to participate in Club walks and activities when accompanied and supervised by their parent, or other adult authorized by their parent or legal guardian.
      6. No dogs or other animals are permitted on any Club walks / activities.
      7. Any visiting group, such as scouts or school groups, must appoint its own senior leader who will be totally responsible to the Club walk leader for their own members.
      8. No firearms or weapons of any description shall be brought to any walk / activity.
  4. Walk Requirements
  5. Equipment
  6. Walk Leaders
  7. Safe And Enjoyable Bushwalking

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