1. Objectives Of The Club
  2. Organization Of The Club
  3. Organization Of Scheduled Walks
  4. Walk Requirements
  5. Equipment
  6. Walk Leaders
    1. All members are encouraged to lead walks in order to increase the variety of walks provided and to improve their own bush walking skills.  Most Leaders need to be proficient in the use of maps, compass and also GPS in some cases.
    2. Leaders should walk and check the proposed walk beforehand, to be familiar with the walk conditions and to estimate the grading of the walk (keep in mind it is only an estimate), as a guide for intending walkers.  The Leader should issue a short summary of the walk to the Newsletter Editor and Publicity Officer prior to the walk.
    3. Leaders should carry a reliable map of the walk area and carry a compass.  The Leader will carry the Club's First Aid Kit on every walk.
    4. On meeting at the start of each walk, the Leader should welcome and introduce any new walkers, and give a short description of the walk, indicating any interesting features.  A volunteer should be selected to write a walk report for inclusion in the next newsletter.
    5. The Leader should ensure that all walkers have the basic equipment necessary for the proposed walk i.e. adequate clothing, food and water.  The Leader will have the right to deny any person participation in, or during, any walk if they feel that the person is poorly equipped or behaving inappropriately.
    6. The Leader will make themselves aware of any applicable fire restrictions and whether the area is a designated No Fires or fuel stoves only zone.
    7. The Walk Attendance Sheet needs to be completed.  The Acknowledgement of Risks and Obligation by Non-Members book need to be filled in by all visitors (top copy to be retained by the visitor) and the appropriate visitor donation collected and receipt issued.
    8. In the event that any first aid equipment from the Club's First Aid Kit is used on any walk, the Leader shall inform the Walks Coordinator so that any replacements can be made.
  7. Safe And Enjoyable Bushwalking

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