Committee - Ben Cruachan Walking Club.

Ben Cruachan Walking Club Inc.

The Ben Cruachan Walking Club is an incorporated Association. Its affairs and activities are conducted in accordance with the Club's Rules of Association as amended 9 September 2020 and Club Policies and Guidelines as determined by the Committee of Management from time to time. Its affairs are managed by the Committee which comprises 9 office holders and up to 5 ordinary members. The Committee meets every second month in Maffra.

Club members may submit items for consideration by the Committee or contact Committee members via the 'Contact Us & Feedback' menu item on this website. Club members are welcome to attend Committee meetings and view minutes of meetings. The Committee members for 2022/23 are:

President: Peter Jennings

Vice President: Elizabeth Davis

Secretary: Robyn Kercher

Treasurer: Marian Matchan

Walks Coordinator: Geoff Mattingley

Tracks and Conservation Coordinator: Joe van Beek

Newsletter Editor: Jack Winterbottom

Publicity Officer: Kerry Knights

Membership Secretary: Ken Free

Ordinary Members: Jodie Wigg, Rob Paterson, Clare Snell, Janine Muir, Monica Scicluna

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