1. Objectives Of The Club
  2. Organization Of The Club
  3. Organization Of Scheduled Walks
  4. Walk Requirements
    1. Club walks are not competitive in nature and their success depends on mutual support, help and encouragement.
    2. All walkers should be adequately equipped for the type of walk being undertaken.  If in doubt, it is important to discuss the expected conditions and recommended clothing and equipment with the Walk Leader, prior to the day of the walk.
    3. All walking groups should keep reasonably close together, particularly in conditions of low or bad visibility, and no walker should leave the group for any reason without informing the leader.
    4. When in a National or State park, the relevant visitor code shall be observed.  This includes:
      • All native birds, animals and reptiles are protected by law;
      • Removal of plants and other materials is prohibited;
      • If you carried it in, carry it back out.  All rubbish must be removed;
      • All current fire restrictions must be observed.  Be aware of Fire Reports before starting a walk;
      • All walkers must stay on designated walking tracks;
      • Park management restrictions must be observed.
    5. All walkers must comply with any reasonable instructions or request given by the Walk Leader.
    6. All walkers must advise the Leader beforehand if they suffer from any medical condition which may affect them adversely on the walk.  If any walker feels unwell during the walk, the leader must be informed as quickly as possible, and an assessment made as to whether the walker should be returned to the vehicle.  If there is a likelihood of the walker being unable to safely return to their vehicle alone, they should be accompanied by not less than two other walkers.  In the event that the incident is considered serious, the Leader may choose to cancel the walk totally.
    7. It is recommended that all participants should have their own ambulance and medical insurance.
    8. Road Courtesy - When driving to the start of any walk, each car should stop and wait at any intersection or corner until the following vehicle can see which way to proceed.  At the completion of any walk, wait until every vehicle is seen to be mobile before departing.
    9. All walkers are encouraged to carry their own map and compass (or GPS) and to familiarize themselves with their use.  Some Club members can help with their use.  In an unforeseen emergency, this could be a very important tool at your disposal.
    10. All walks are cancelled on a day of total fire ban.  The Leader may cancel any walk on a reported day of extreme fire danger.  Fire precautions must be observed at all times and all fires should be kept to a minimum to suit your needs and must be totally extinguished before being left.
  5. Equipment
  6. Walk Leaders
  7. Safe And Enjoyable Bushwalking

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